Mini Orion


Bronze, edition of 450.  Stunning 6 3/4" bronze of Orion Bear in a mini scale looking to the heavens holding a heart in his left paw.  Gorgeous work by Texas based artist, John Maisano.

One of my most heart felt sculptures. Other than the big and little dipper, it’s the next star constellation many of us learn to find in the night sky. He is looking up smiling and holding a star. The patina is a night sky with a galaxy on his back, the stars are falling on him. The star he’s holding represents his loved ones who have passed on and he is holding them in his hand/heart. 

During the making of Orion I lost a very dear friend who ended his life. I sat weeping on my studio floor while sculpting Orion. 
The face of Orion is my beautiful white rescue cat (Amos aka Moose) who greets us every night with a smile and his eyes closed, paw extended....a bit of whimsy.