Victory Eagle


Incredible bronze eagle with wings spread. Signed and numbered work by John Maisano. Edition #13/250


I was commissioned by the Leander Public Arts Commission and Leander Parks Department to create an eagle, in my style, to be the centerpiece of their beautiful Veterans Park. I was honored to be chosen to bring to life this magnificent creature as a tribute to the Veterans and all they have done for our great country. 

Upon walking up to the site I immediately envisioned this pose: the eagle's wings forming a V for Victory, coming in to land among the flags of the five branches of the military; the laser focus in the eagle's eyes as it flies down, talons at the ready; the angles and lines of the body reminiscent of a jet fighter. Five ribbons hold up the mighty Victory Eagle, much as the five branches of the military uphold our country, and on his back you will see the stars, shiny and bold -- together these represent the Stars and Stripes. The Victory Eagle has two powerful muscles on its back, and the designs there represent the bombs bursting in air.

I love our country. I love the men and women, like my Dad and father-in-law, who have sacrificed so much to make this country great and keep her safe. It has truly been an honor to create this piece for this place.